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Tillandsia xerographica

As the plant’s leaves grow, they give it an overall spherical look. It looks fabulous when planted in cups or bowls, making it perfect for a coffee table or desk. Gently shake off the excess water after misting or soaking.


Tillandsia gardneri

Originating from Brazil, Columbia, and Venezuela, gardneri is one of the most low maintenance air plants. It can reach a height of 9-12 inches and blooms in late spring, bestowing with glorious pink flowers.


Tillandsia fasciculata

It is commonly known as the giant air plant because of the large size. The straight green leaves grow up to 12 inches long, and on top of them, a tricolored flower bract rises from the center!


Tillandsia funckiana

Tillandsia funckiana will be a unique addition to your air plant collection. It’s known for its foliage that creates a quill-like shape, making it perfect for growing on many different displays. Even the flower appearing at the top is exotic, with a stunning shade of orange.


Tillandsia seleriana

This sculptural beauty is a must-have plant for home decor. The bulbous base looks like various small bulbs fused together, while the upright growing leaves turn to a beautiful shade of red before blooming.


Tillandsia capitata

The thick and soft leaves of Tillandsia capitata also change color when it’s ready to bloom. The plant prefers slightly humid conditions for optimum growth. As its a drought-tolerant plant, avoid overwatering.


Tillandsia abdita

The search for a most colorful variety of air plants ends right here! The symmetrical rosette of leaves with red and green hues and purple blooms is enough to enhance the appeal of any space!


Tillandsia stricta- stiff leaf

An all-time favorite from Brazil is about 6 inches across in a leafy rosette with stiff gray-green leaves. It produces a stunning blue-flowered, plume-shaped pink inflorescence in the summer.


Tillandsia stricta- soft leaf

Think of anything, and this air plant can grow on, be it rocks, ceramics, wood, or seashells. It is adaptable to many climatic conditions and grows well in direct (light morning sun) and indirect light, both. Plus, its gorgeous pink flowers are worth the wait!


Tillandsia aeranthos

Tillandsia aeranthos is a maintenance-free variety that can brighten up your office table with its pink and blue flowers and spiky leaves. Growing up to nine inches tall, it requires bright, indirect sun to thrive.


Tillandsia bulbosa

The bulb-like structure at the base is the reason for its unique name. Bulbosa Belize and Bulbosa Guatemala are the two most interesting types. To grow, mist regularly, keep it in a dry location, and save from the direct, scorching sun.


Tillandsia caput-medusae

The shape of this plant distinctively reminds us of the head of the mythical creature ‘Medusa.’ Don’t be afraid, unlike medusa’s head; snakes don’t grow out from it! Although in summers it does bear attractive red or blue flowers.


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